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Chengdu thought sharp tutor Advisory limited by on-the-job teacher founded, has Chengdu first-class of on-the-job teachers faculty, highlights has Chengdu top of school students tutor, and professional teachers and foreign teachers, concentrated has Chengdu tutor, and Chengdu tutor network, and Chengdu part-time tutor, and Chengdu one-on-one tutor, and Chengdu scientists taught, and Chengdu English tutor, and Chengdu mathematician taught, and Chengdu language tutor, and Chengdu primary school tutor, and Chengdu junior high school tutor, and Chengdu high school tutor Chengdu most excellent of students faculty, we provides of teacher category including:   Chengdu serving teachers, retired teachers, trained teachers, colleges and universities, undergraduates. + Tracking implementation of one-on-one teaching test + Club + network-aided teaching of learning activities, and make your children happy and productive learning!

we strive to do our best, most teachers provide the right kind of work, but also to provide parents with the best teachers, so that the child can sound improve. We are looking for highly qualified teachers and college students to join. We aim to:  the most professional home consultants, creating family brands.

the fundamental purpose of education was to cultivate children's ability to quickly solve problems correctly. This ability only by children to think actively about, from the teacher, transformed into children.

class teaching model of the course, the teacher in accordance with the established procedures and taught so that students can only passively accepted, their ability to think in an inhibitory State. Over time, the children formed a "lazy": confidence, love, absent-mindedness during the exam panic edgy, all kinds of learning problems, which are caused by inertia.

"learn to think" outside of middle school students through "block inertia, thought-provoking learning potential," significantly improve children's academic performance and learning ability. For pain current many children in school and the some training institutions in the   "more learn more silly", was from itself learning experience and the teaching experience starting, summary out set based on "one-on-one" training mode of teaching principles and method; and from has three years above full-time teaching qualifications of on-the-job teachers in the featured itself identity and can consciously implementation these teaching principles and method who, composition powerful of teachers team.

our teaching methods are "forcing" children within their means taking initiative and thinking and expression, let children experience the "active problem solving" fun and a sense of achievement.

give us six months to a year's time, you have a lot to learn self-confidence, good boy.

good thinking habits can make their learning more effective, students learn only captures the essence, planned to really "make a difference" ... ...

your trust + I = child thinking of upgrading and progress of study! Chengdu hundred per cent native network to bring you the full satisfaction of the service!

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