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College student looking for a tutor to guard against being cheated

In recent years, spare time more and more college students to work part-time in the community, after a decade of often grueling study for college students to find a part-time job, not only can generate a decent income, and also exercise their own communication and the ability to work, and lay a good foundation for future employment. In many part-time work among, "tutor" with paid high, and started easy, features most by big students of welcomes and favored. but due to students also no real to contact social, thought also compared simple, this on was some wrongful elements drill has loophole, using students are work-study of eager psychological, to all way cheat students are of money real, even also caused has body and spirit Shang of hurt.
The tutor network trump card to remind staff of teachers to tutor tricks to prevent deception in the name of smuggling tutor, college students in addition to the need to rely on outside of society and legal system, more important still needs their care prevention and efforts to recognize the modus operandi of swindlers, and prevent fraud. Following analysis of the cases against some of the more common, hope University students can recognize the nature of various cheats and safeguard their lawful rights and interests.

Cho is a college summer looking for after school tutoring in advance, he had no formal tutoring Center, but registration information and some free newspapers at the BBS. One morning, Zhao received a parent calls, about noon it into a mall gate. Zhao promise to come, the other is a young man aged about 30, the figure is not high, covered with brand-name goods, gold, riding a scooter. "My name is Wang Yong, is the Manager of a company, being entrusted to find a tutor for friends ' children. "The conversation Manager called Zhao a very good condition, with mobile phone contact and friend, said friends, and wait to interview treatment. With that, Manager very politely ask the Cho meal, before you go. Cho couldn't very well refuse. Wang Zhao purses into motorcycle trunk loaded with Cho to a restaurant meal. During the meeting Wang humor continued, Zhao gradually relax vigilance. After dinner and the two men drove to the electronic Mall. After getting off, said Manager Wang advanced to a friend, Cho outside the door waiting for him. An hour later, Zhao Jianwang has not come out, he comes into the mall to find, waiting for her to come out to find the King of the motorcycles has disappeared, and his bags in his trunk, there's cell phone, wallet ... ... In addition, there was some placards in the streets of female college students was killed and injured after the outlaws trick tutor.
ACE tutor network reminder: students find tutors must be through formal channels, such as the school's work-study program Center, formal family service agencies, large market, and so on, through the BBS, newspapers and street placards, distributing and posting small ads can easily be exploited by criminals.
2, select the regular tutoring services to prevent
Summer has just begun, a small golden ring of Zheng He, a student, a junior at the University Park, a tutoring Center job seekers, looking for a summer tutoring job. Service Center so that they each paid 20 Yuan registration fee information and 100 Yuan fee, tell them if you have parenting information in the near future. Results after a few days, small Zheng He also had not received any notification, eager to find a tutoring job Zheng worried, calling every day, but each time tutoring centres have to answer now don't have the right information, wait a couple of days. Turn summer will soon be over, little Zheng's students did not find a tutor, they were similar to the tutoring Center to request a refund, found the "black agency" has someone to House empty, many college students earned money was "evaporate".
ACE tutor network reminder: College students through the tutoring Center looking for tutors must choose the proper tutoring Agency, observe whether the tutoring services have a certain size, length of service, whether there is a sound service system, quality of staff is excellent, and so on, another telecommunication authority of "Internet information services business license", that is, ICP certificate.
3, to recognize family responsibilities, do not pay fees
Some cheats have often used college students eager to make money psychology, catering to their anxious to display their tricks and cheat. A university students King a money eager, clearly tutor Center to introduced of is copies tutor work, but and parents met Hou, parents claiming to be himself husband of company in need find part-time personnel, asked she is can introduced several students, claimed also to help the students also Shang buy computer owes Xia of money and introduced other of tutor to the students, the students heart also is grateful the parents, person also please the students eat has a meal meals, course also said has many good. College student says he needs work clothes deposit to the "parent", has gone after the person received the money, mobile phones are always in the "unreachable" State.
ACE tutor network reminder: tutoring Center does not rule out that some tutoring people with bad motives, due to restrictions, tutoring Center is unable to determine the true identity of every parent, the events after meeting students and parents, this is a tutoring Center cannot anticipate and control. To deal with this scam, we need students must recognize their own responsibility, and I am looking for a tutor, is to make money, rather than any other profession, not can I pay in advance for, recognizing this, cheats plot would not have succeeded. Also, if the filing fee is above 10, suspicion of tutoring centers have a cheat file fee if found suspicious persons to report in a timely manner, after deception should be promptly reported and boldly expose and enable criminals to be given due justice.
4, do not trust strangers, do not provide
Sophomore computer science at a University not long ago in Ho Man Tin free newspaper advertisement seeking tutor, a strange man on the phone, in the name of private tutoring, to their phones and about tomorrow meeting place and time. But in Ho Man Tin at arrival points, the man said in the name of business "11", Ho Man Tin, got a call from a stranger: "I'm anti-drug Brigade, are chasing a drug dealer, drug traffickers to transfer calls to your mobile phone, you have to shut down for 4 hours. "Believe in Ho Man Tin, turn off the phone. While crooks make telephone calls to the Ho Man Tin's family said it was hit by a car, crushing the bones, brain flower, operated on for 8000 Yuan. "And there are two" students "crying on the phone confirms it. Parents raised 8000 Yuan to the county money to "hospital" account. Soon, they also said that because of the time off too long wound infection, needed 5000 Yuan. Parents play up only 2000, crook to 10,000 yuan.
ACE tutor network reminder: students find tutoring through formal channels, and certainly don't believe others inflated rhetoric.
5, don't take
A college freshman Ke received a call from a tutoring Center, said Mr Xiao Ke archive of information, decided to hire Xiao Ke to be his daughter's tutor. Tutoring service centre staff failed to tell the small offset each other's phone number, only Xiao Ke said, employers will contact her at about 6 o'clock in the evening. More than 6 o'clock in the evening, Xiao Ke received a phone call, parents said Xiao Ke to dinner and ask Xiao Ke restaurant near to the provincial people's hospital immediately. Xiao Ke know the chance is hard won, a man came to the restaurant. Employers have ordered many dishes, saying that must entertain "teacher". Xiao Ke employer's kid, he asked: "why don't you come and see a face with children? "Said his wife and children for a while, said he would have to give my wife a call. He felt the pockets, said cell phone forgot to bring, by Xiao Ke mobile phone use. Xiao Ke did not want, to lend him. Man called up and said, out of the box ... ... Xiao Ke realize that when things go awry, and hurry out of the box, but can't see the shadow of the man ... ...
ACE tutor network reminder: tutoring is conducted in the participants ' home, or agreed upon by the library, study room, if you make an appointment with the other and reflects relevant occasion and ask to borrow your valuables, must be vigilant.
More college students are cheating experience, to arouse our vigilance, either met or happening, be sure to keep a clear head, departments concerned issues in a timely manner. As the students themselves must be strict with themselves, to take part in more social activities, listening to lectures on the law and safety education activities, many know, understand, acquire some knowledge for yourself is all good but no harm.
Currently tutoring market there are many nonstandard, not perfect places, ACE tutoring information network as a tutor industry pioneer, has the responsibility and obligation to promote the industry as a whole toward standardization, large-scale, professional direction of healthy development.

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