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Psychological obstacles of parents in educating children

Since most families have only one child, parents of young children there is always the worry and fret, leaving many parents to educate their children in the process of a variety of mental disorders. Main:
1, too much attention.
When the needs of children are not produced, the parents had thought for the child, when the child's frustration soon appeared, parents have for their children to resolve. Home Education Association said Li Yanhong in Harbin city, due to the excessive love of parents, many kids develop a selfish, bossy, lazy, no sense of character, and as the child grows, this character once stereotypes, can affect a child's life.
2, anxiety
Some parents worry that their children to fail in competition, characterized by particularly afraid of children. To see children playing on Sundays, parents anxious and think a waste of time, this time should be to play, to see a math book, to memorize English words, and some parents even put all his hopes are pinned on the children, that he will not succeed, the whole family absolutely fail. And parents the anxiety often affects children, so that children have a reverse psychology.

Some parents think that poor children, feels that it is a child, grew up alone in the future, if they are old or died, children how to live, it is this sense of guilt that they became more children and even considered leaving children wealth is the biggest concern. Experts believe that parents can't help the child through the process of wealth accumulation, and rich will not spoil your child, when the child feels when his utmost abundance of material, consciousness, he's struggling, fighting spirit, consciousness will be greatly reduced.

Parents feel the child alone, and parents will feel lonely, unwilling to let the children grow up. This spirit of children stay attached to many parents, in fact, is not conducive to the growth of children.

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