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Release candidates in the psychological pressure of the five keys

Suitable pressure can encourage children to strive, no pressure can make people tired, lazy, but too much pressure will make children physically and mentally unable to withstand and psychological problems. Studies have shown that widespread weariness in the primary and middle school students, test anxiety and worry about cheating and adolescent issues, many students are narrow, aloof, lazy and egotistical personality. Parents and teachers have a responsibility to help children overcome the stress.
For teens, parents are the most important influence. For parents put forward five-point proposal here, I think it will help relieve the child's psychological pressure.
(A) listening to children's voices.
To help children overcome the stress you have to know what child psychological pressure, where pressure is coming from. So we must listen to children talk, to spend time with kids talking face to face, intently watching a child, listening to him carefully. Only parents willing to give your heart to children, until the hearts of children to their parents. In this way, you can learn about the real situation of psychological pressure on children, can we tackle the problem to help them.
(B) help children deal with fear.
Because myself and others do not like them out sometimes, such as with someone else playing truant, do not follow others to cheat, smoking, copying homework and so on, will be laughed at, even isolated, frightened and confused. At this time, parents should teach their children to uphold principles, must not do wrong things, let the child know, do not follow the crowd is not easy, this is a mature and brave performance, is independent, intelligent performance.
(Iii) and share their experiences with their children.
Parents childhood must have been there and the boy in a similar situation, then how to deal with or are now experiencing what problem and how to deal with, which can be with the child in plain language and children to share. When the children knew my parents often face pressure and worry about when their parents say is easier to hear. Parents tell their children how to cope with pressure, it actually sets a very good example for the children, also enhanced the children overcome the stress of courage and confidence.
(D) to develop children's self-esteem.
Cultivate children's self-esteem and strengthen their ability to resist various temptations, such as allowing children to make some recommendations, gave him some age-appropriate thing to do, and stress their children's thoughts and actions. This is a good way to cultivate children's self-esteem. Children have a strong sense of self-esteem will have the courage, guts and discernment, not deeds.
(E) concerned about their children's growth.
Encourage children to develop a wide range of interests, and to take part in more extracurricular activities organized by the school, it is helpful to relieve the child's psychological pressure. Best not to force children to learn this, that, should listen to the child's own wishes. Parents love to, cared more about a child's development children's friend and more about what children want to do. In most cases, as long as you can early detection and proper guidance, the child won't have a heavy psychological pressure, and happily through the teenage years.

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