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Shiyan parents how to help their children make up convergence

The new semester has started for two weeks, just friends from primary school grade up into a new junior high school students, to adapt to the new term, new schools as soon as possible. Shiyan parents how to help their children make up cohesion early, adapted to children in junior high school life as soon as possible, Tang teacher tutor network analysis with the help of Shiyan "up" students in the study, psychological characteristics, and help students and parents make up the beginning of the convergence of.
, The maintenance of healthy and active mentality
After entering junior high school, the students would be affected and vary significantly in primary schools, encountered some new problems in every respect, or hard to adapt to the new situation, or how hard are unable to improve the ... ... If not prepared, will seriously affect the grades, some students even panic as a result. Shiyan tutor network teacher suggested that parents need to bring their children to be enrolled in secondary school, meet new, ideologically arranged to enter junior high school.
Middle school each student will face a new starting point, was a new starting line, with its gingerly than travel light, throw away the burden of Trave will run faster and more stable.
Second, develop good study habits
This is often the case, after primary school and junior high school, some outstanding student achievement in primary schools has become mediocre, and some students in the primary grades, junior high school but jumped up, by leaps and bounds. These changes and study habits good or bad can not be separated, parents should supervise and urge students to develop habits of study and summing-up.
Trance a minute in class, class and more than ten years of practice. Teacher explaining each word is essence of the important and difficult, only absorb Xia puying, to giving top priority in the exercise. Meanwhile, entering junior high school must have awareness of learning, discipline increased classroom capacity increases, just finished teacher assignments cannot be genuine improvement, class preview, review link and classroom attendance is also important. Get rid of dependence on the initiative, do more exercise, mastery, so that students can study easily.
Third, parents communicate more love and
Primary schools, teachers and parents in the students ' minds with considerable authority, upon entering secondary school, students ' independence, rebellious mood, requires vigilance by parents and teachers.
After middle school, children will have a great deal of change, parents to children should be more caring and communication. If a child is found with some classmates of the opposite sex, and this is a subtle psychological change caused by physiological maturity. Shiyan tutor network Don teachers suggest parents guide in appropriate ways, neither laissez-faire nor sticks together.
Family environment of children influenced is long and deep. Reliable economic security is important for the children, and a warm family environment is more important. Parents should take time to advance education, guide the children to develop healthy hobbies. Child restraint weak, be sure to avoid contact with unhealthy books and audio and video products, while preventing children addicted to online games or chat.

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