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Teach eloquence, start teaching kids tongue twisters

Tongue twisters, by definition, short is a mouthful. It will be conscious that some sound, rhyme and tone make * overlapping easily confused words into sentences be combined, forming a very convoluted and fascinating to read language forms.
Teach eloquence, start teaching kids tongue twisters
Tongue twisters, by definition, short is a mouthful. It will be conscious that some sound, rhyme and tone make * overlapping easily confused words into sentences be combined, forming a very convoluted and fascinating to read linguistic form.
As a unique language, tongue twisters on young children's development of language and thought has a great role. It can effectively exercise the children's gift of the GAB to enhance memory in young children, and also to develop children's ability to respond quickly. Similar to the pronunciation of tongue twisters, easily confused, is fast and well to miss, no clear memory, quick thinking, good enunciation, is hard to do. Theory of teaching young children often tongue twisters will undoubtedly improve their language skills while making them more agility, flexibility and accuracy. Theory of teaching children when tongue twisters, should pay attention to what issues?
Hold a "slow". Slowly, is step by step. In particular, the pace moderate refers to talk, learn step by step, in-depth, practice into the picture. For toddlers, doctrine outside the practice of tongue twisters tongue, language practice, training memory, practice thinking, as long as the entire piece to be clear, fluent, consistent, complete, no tongue as fast as Reed like operatic actor, quick step. Too speed, easy to create the children's articulation sounds vague, stare at and secondly, will add to the psychological burden of, making it counter-productive effects. Early childhood learning tongue twisters, be sure to pay attention to a "slow".
First, the long slow absorption. Long was to breathe in deeply before reading that it's good for relax, air flow. Slowly exhale, is slow breath evenly during the read process, fighting for breath through a long string of words in that it's good for clear language road, namely accuracy.
Second, slowly at first and then faster. Early theories of teaching young children tongue twisters, parents don't be impatient, to teach more slowly, let the child read each word's pronunciation was correct, say every word clear and coherent, then gradually speed up.
The first step: Ma – mother-ride – horses – Ma – mother-called Bull-and-girl-morning glories--Niu Ao-a-cow-girl-the twisted Bull
Second step: Ma MOM ride – horses – Ma MOM called horse cow girl-Petunia hybrida-Niu Ao – cow girl twisted ox
Third step: Ma MOM riding horses for Ma MOM called horse cow girl cows cattle over girl twisted cattle and so forth, the impression in the minds of young children from easy, also makes it very easy to confuse the tone, rhyme, sound can distinguish and grasp well, reading is more consistent, until the master.
Again, from short to long. Is to practice short, again long tongue twisters. This simple, incremental approach helps to improve the children's interest and also help children master the skills of twisters. If parents, anxious, beginning early childhood practice long tongue twisters will make the child feel a bit hard.
Finally, to enable children to produce a picture in your head. A complete story if you want to plot, and often requires hundreds of thousands of words, while the tongue twister meaning comment, just a few sentences dozens of words could sketch out a complete story, and unique in the sound, rhyme and tone, reflecting the unique charm of Chinese characters. Parents teach theory to be correct when the boot of tongue twisters, efforts to strengthen children's thinking, right associative in their heads, creating a picture, this will help improve the children's interests, promotion of their insight, enhanced memory, encouraging them to learn as soon as possible. As above of Ma mother Niu Niu girl this is tongue twisters, on clever to put "MOM, and Ma, and horse, and scolded" and "girl, and cattle, and twist, and twist" several homonym different adjustable of word combination in with, itself is a site witty lively rich mood of life small King, parents if can through Guide, makes children front emerged out a site Pepperbox of "Ma mother", and "cattle girl" scolded horse twist cattle of picture, natural will makes children interest big increased, quickly master.
Second, one "must". Subject is accurate pronunciation clear. As a fun language games, tongue twisters, but also a complex language. On one hand, a large number of homophone tone, pronunciation is similar, folds the heavy sentence is its distinctive feature, a slight mistake, there would be a mistake. The other hand, the twisters and lip, tongue, mouth organs such as the overall coordination. Shape of parts of the tongue, lips, mouth opening and closing, and so on, have a direct impact on the accuracy of pronunciation. Therefore, the doctrine of tongue twisters, must focus on a "prospective". To do this, it is necessary to strengthen the following three exercises:
First, the initial training of oral skills. Efforts to promote the lips, tongue, teeth and other parts of the degree of flexibility will be supervised twisters volume size, atmosphere of the inbound and argued with the power of help, so as to receive a good training effect. Therefore there is a need to strengthen several aspects of the practice.
(1) breath exercises. To make the lips and tongue to reach a certain degree of flexibility, so as to better articulate sound. Beginner children can find some repeated words to read, according to "fast-read-read-read" the steps. To read the "crackling" as an example: the first step: PI--PA-in-the-La (read more) step two: crackling crackling (even read twice); the third step: PI PI PI ... ... (Reading again).
(2) training. Purpose is to overcome dialect barriers, promoting the coordination of the teeth and the tongue.? quot; Twitter ", for example, can also take the approach to practice
。 (3) air training. Designed to accurately control the mouth and out of breath, and avoid the phenomenon of poor airflow and affect the result of twisters. Take the "987,654,331", for example the breathing exercises, as above.
(4) explosive power exercises. Aim is to increase the volume level and sound power, achieve the effect of sufficient momentum, in high spirits. "Drive", for example, can be divided into two steps: the first step: infants (less volume)-drive ... ... (A sudden increase in volume and short) step two: son driving driving driving ... ... (Reading again).
Secondly, strengthening the classification practice of lip, tongue, throat, teeth. Twisters lip, tongue, mouth and other changes, change quickly, demanding, believe they will make mistakes. For toddlers, these sites feature is not perfect, there are irregular breath, tongue hard tooth stiffness, throat problems, affecting the results of said. To do this, on the basis of oral skills, parents can, according to the actual, lip, lip, tongue, throat and classification practice.
(1) the practice of "lips". Practice b, p, m, f and the vowels are consolidation, you can make the lips more flexible.  Such as "heaven, a shed, a basin on the ground; shed touch, touch Studio; sheds collapsed, basin; you said that shed pay pot and a Bowl loss shed." Consciously here, "Peng lost touch" several organizations together in clever rhyming the same word, awkward to read, sounds interesting, practice tensing up lips.
(2) practicing "tooth". Z, c, s and the vowels are spelled, j, q, x and I, in, ING and other vowel spelling help practicing "tooth". Young children especially in certain dialects, with Mandarin varies in pronunciation, if you can practice in these areas, dialects can overcome obstacles, get level-lingual points. Common examples such as "torn-paper through this window, with fine silver-paper June   Lei Pan his's side by side  Mo ne  wave-bashing left Huang Lai Nailang  u? quot;.
When practicing such a tongue twister, you can first understand and error-prone, especially to distinguish between the retroflex and cacuminal can be marked above and then to practice over and over again.
(3) practice "tongue". D, t, n, l, ZH, ch, sh and other consonant with the a, e, OU, such as an, en final spell, can enhance the flexibility and sensitivity of the tongue. As "South to a Lama, hand in mention with five pounds Tamar, North to a dumb, waist in don't a horn, Lama to took Tamar for dumb of Horn, dumb not willing to for Lama of Tamar, hand in mention with Tamar of Lama playing has waist in don't with Horn of dumb a Tamar, waist in don't with Horn of dumb playing has hand in mention with Tamar of Lama a horn".
(4) practice "throat". G, k, h, consonant with the a, Ang, Eng and Ong finals phase consolidation helps children articulate sound enhanced sound potential, natural tone, avoiding too tight, easy voice hoarseness of the throat problems. Such as "pink-painted on the walls of the Phoenix, yellow red Phoenix Phoenix Phoenix Phoenix flowers in pink".
Three is to grasp a "ground". Often, and is frequently in practice, adhere to the practice.  Theory of teaching children tongue twisters, is not easy, to do this, pay special attention to the following aspects more. (1) training at any time, the crease. Let children practice at home, practicing in the Park and practice square, walked to practice, play practice, and so on, let the children anytime, anywhere training, language skills continue to improve.
(2) correction to practice correct pronunciation. Let children alone for a long time that practice might make them feel a bit dry, parents and kids to practice, by way of correcting each other, so that the child's articulation sounds more accurate and clear, will stimulate the child's interest.
(3) public exercise, and increased confidence. When children practice to a certain extent, expect to receive all the praise. Parents can encourage children to perform in front of bold, so easy to arouse children's worms, exercise their guts, will enable them to enhance self-confidence, learn tongue twisters will keep improving.
(4) explain the practice to enhance memory. Some informative stuff, parents can explain that children understand, so that child to better memory. Practice shows that the theory of tongue twisters children's comprehensive ability could be improved significantly. Those withdrawn, timid, even some stuttering child may also get good exercise in this way. Interested parents to give it a try.

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