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1+1 full personality counselling system is to students for Center, according to students of features, used "line teachers 1 on 1 directed counselling and line teachers management type dependant" phase combined of personalized tutorial way, is focus school line teachers and school students two species teachers mutual added of a tutorial system, by psychological teacher inspired fight, learning management division full track management, supervision guide ensure counselling effect.
Training objectives: students interested in learning and self-learning.
Educational philosophy: believe that every student is unique, his success requires individuation education and training methods!
Teaching goals: educating and training students ' excellent thinking, problem-solving skills and methods for target; collaborative family, common education, through the development of non-intelligence factors to target intelligence and learning ability.
Teaching model: implementation of teaching in the teaching process, the implementation of "directional counselling teachers 1+1" counseling model.
Education: education consultant + experts + Manager + teachers + key school-senior teacher control expert.

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